Choosing to have kids for the right reason

Having kids does not make you happy. That is proven. If you want to have kids to be happy then do not have kids. Do not force the burden of having to make you happy onto your kids. They will get crushed under that load.

Having kids is like Hell week in the US Navy SEAL boot camp with one difference. It is harder. It does not stop after one week but goes on week after week for years to come. There are no instructors yelling at you to get you motivated and there is no bell that you can ring when you feel like quitting. There is no quitting. It is not an option. You will have to suffer through continuous cycles of mild to extreme sleep deprivation. You will get shot at from friends and enemies alike. Your mental and physical limits will be tested every day. And they will be pushed beyond anything you thought you could handle. You will have to keep learning every day just to keep up.

But if you endure you will come out stronger on the other side. You will have learned to find joy in misery and to embrace the daily struggle. You will have found your warrior spirit. And you will be awarded with the knowledge that you have given your best at taking on the greatest of all challenges: Raising strong, confident and courageous men and women who will someday lead us into the future.

So be prepared for what you sign up for and do it for the right reasons.